Good Enough to Eat on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on February 15th, 2019

If you’re looking for a good down-home meal in New York City (whether it’s for breakfast, brunch or dinner) then you must check out Good Enough To Eat on 85th and Columbus Ave. Here they blend their worldly knowledge of the Big Apple’s cutting edge culinary scene, with the rich traditions of good old-fashioned American comfort food. Esteemed chef Carrie Levin, author of two celebrated cookbooks on traditional American cuisine, founded GETE and continues to serve her tasty dishes at the Upper West Side restaurant every day. 

Good Enough to Eat

They feature a range of specialty menus, many centering around holidays like the roast leg of lamb for Easter, the almond crusted cod for Passover and sliced corn beef for St. Patrick’s Day. Their American style of home cooking in a Manhattan setting is the best of both worlds. The rich flavors of the Deep South exist with an NYC spin, right in the heart of the Upper West Side.

It’s perfect for those looking for a good hearty meal at a classic neighborhood spot. Its casual ambience, rustic decor and great traditional American dishes make GETE a favorite for both neighborhood regulars and visitors alike.

A lot of dishes are included on multiple menus, but let’s highlight some of the best dishes on each one.

Breakfast at Good Enough To Eat

Come here for a seriously hardy Upper West Side breakfast.

We included Good Enough To Eat’s fluffy griddle-delights on our list of best pancakes on the Upper West Side. Their banana-walnut pancakes are my personal favorite, but their Peter Paul Pancakes which are made with coconut and belgian chocolate are amazing too. All are served with their amazing strawberry butter.

Good Enough To Eat NYC

Let’s talk about eggs. Here, they are insanely fresh and fluffy, and delivered from a farm upstate. All omelettes and scrambled specialties are served with their buttermilk biscuits (and the strawberry butter).  Everything is delicious, but there are some favorites.  The “Upper West Side” comes with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill. The “Little Italy” is prepared with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella.

Good Enough To Eat NYC

Brunch at Good Enough To Eat

Good Enough To Eat earns an easy spot on our list for the best brunch on the Upper West Side.

Start with one of their inventive Bloody Mary cocktails:

  • Bacon Bloody: with thick sliced double smoked bacon.
  • The Bloody Matador: with beef bullion and tequila and topped with beer.
  • Blue Blood: with a skewer of blue cheese olives.

Good Enough To Eat

I recommend moving on to their chili of the day, which is served with sour cream, cheddar, onions and tortilla chips over brown rice.

Good Enough To Eat

You might also want to ingest their mac and cheese, made with ziti and four cheeses (sharp white cheddar, mozzarella, gruyere and parmesan).

Good Enough To Eat

Lunch at Good Enough To Eat

Try their old fashioned grilled cheese with mustard vinaigrette, and feel free to add tomatoes, ham or bacon!

Good Enough To Eat

Definitely have a milkshake!

They sometimes have special flavors, but the regular menu includes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, mint chocolate chip and caramel brittle.

Choose your flavor and if you’re in the mood, have it spiked!

Good Enough To Eat

Special offerings happen on special days. Like this spiked peppermint patty milkshake, served to observe “National Peppermint Patty Day”. Made with homemade mint ice cream and spiked with crème de cacao and crème de menthe!

Dinner at Good Enough To Eat

There are two items in the starters section which deserve some attention.

First, get yourself some quesadillas. They have rotating specials with different fillings that are always great.

Good Enough To Eat

And don’t ignore their corn bread. It’s served with a side of honey and is incredibly thick and moist.

Good Enough To Eat NYC

There are a couple of entrees that are definitely my top choices.

The classic meatloaf dinner. With mashed potatoes, gravy on the side, and fresh dill butter.

Good Enough To Eat

Their chipotle shrimp pasta is also excellent, made with their homemade focaccia.

Good Enough To Eat NYC

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Dessert at Good Enough To Eat

Okay, I’m glad you’ve made it this far.  Good Enough offers some insane specialty cakes on a rotating basis.

But here are the prime sweets (on their regular menu) to focus on.

The banana walnut cake

Good Enough To Eat

Devils Food Cake

Good Enough To Eat

Cream Cheese Brownie

Good Enough To Eat

Lemon Meringue Pie

Good Enough To Eat UWS

Good Enough To Eat

520 Columbus Ave (85th Street)




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