Morningside Heights

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Morningside Heights has tons of great restaurants, eclectic shopping, an impressive academic presence and beautiful parks and churches. Many Upper West Side residents consider it to be part of the neighborhood. Learn more about Morningside Heights in NYC!  

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A Tribute to Small Business

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In an era when chain stores are becoming the norm, supporting Upper West Side small business has become more important than ever before. Many independent local stores on the Upper West Side are run by families who have been around for generations. They’re part of the community and what makes this neighborhood so family-friendly. Read below to find out what are some of the oldest small businesses that are still thriving today.

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Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side

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Come visit one of the longest running markets in NYC by visiting the Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side. The market’s located in the heart of the Upper West Side at 100 West 77th Street. Hours are from 10am to 5.30pm on Sundays. The Grand Bazaar features over 100 merchants selling everything from antiques and edibles to rare artisanal items!

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Longest Lines on the Upper West Side

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Every NYC neighborhood has its hot spots.  There are always a number of stores, restaurants, bars and bakeries which dominate and, regardless of the wait time, will continue to see lines out the door.  Here are my top three Upper West Side locations with the longest lines!  For you local residents, try to go during off hours!!

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9th Annual New Taste of the Upper West Side

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Read about Taste of the Upper West Side 2018!

As spring and summer time are rapidly approaching we are excited to announce the mouthwatering 9th annual New Taste of the Upper West Side, which will start Friday, June 3rd and end Saturday, June 4th. This two night food extravaganza showcases the finest in Upper West Side dining and will be a sneak peek for future culinary hits with Upper West Side restaurants that have not opened yet. We take great pride in an event that highlights our favorite New York neighborhood especially with celebrity chefs and restaurant heavyweights making an appearance at this year’s New Taste of the Upper West Side.

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Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side – Spring 2016

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Ever pass by a sidewalk full of vendors selling fruits, vegetables, cheeses, eggs (that you think should be refrigerated…), baked and jar goods that will remind you of your grandma’s house growing up…? Well, most likely, you’ve just passed through a farmer’s market!

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Too much convenience? How close is too close?

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If you’ve lived in New York City for any length of time, you know that nothing makes life easier than a really close supermarket. Having one right next door, or on the ground floor of your building, saves infinite amounts of hassle over having to walk three, five, ten blocks away, especially when you’re carrying milk. Some would put a good restaurant right up there, too, and there are those who strongly appreciate a good watering hole a few steps away. How close do you want your Upper West Side apartment to be from the action?

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Trader Joe’s on the Upper West Side

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When the Trader Joe’s on the Upper West Side opened its doors on Broadway and West 72nd, it brought more than competition to the UWS grocery business . . . it brought a lot of fun. It’s not just the Hawaiian shirts sported by the always-upbeat staff or the secret code of bells ringing that communicate something to someone, it’s a sense of whimsy from the products to the prices to the displays at Trader Joe’s Upper West Side.

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Zabar’s – All in the Family

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So, it’s Christmas day and you need a fresh rugelach from Zabar’s. Or maybe it’s July 4th, and you need an air conditioner. Or it’s Thanksgiving morning, you’re coffee maker just went on the fritz and you’re out of those Zabar’s whole beans you love.

No problem.  Zabar’s, an Upper West Side fixture since 1934, stays open 365 days a year with a Zabar family member there every day.

Zabar’s— an eclectic store offering an incredible variety of specialty foods, baked goods, prepared foods, coffees and more (and that’s just the first floor)— occupies almost an entire block on Broadway at West 80th Street. Any time the store opens its doors, you’ll find a crowd of UWS locals and tourists alike.  On weekends, bus loads come from Pennsylvania, Canada and beyond.  The family-owned store runs a robust, worldwide mail order business as well.

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