Green Cleaners Turns Into Green Dealers

  Last modified on March 19th, 2024
green cleaners becomes green dealer

A dry cleaning business at 150 West 72nd Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues, has been replaced by a smoke shop.

A former dry cleaning service at 150 West 72nd Street, Green Cleaners, has closed and been replaced by a THC/CBD dispensary called West Cure. ILTUWS noticed the opening on Sunday, April 9, making it the fifth cannabis-related business within a two-block radius. All of which opened in the last year and a half.


In January 2022, we wrote about the proliferation of CBD shops popping up in this area, just seconds away from the highly trafficked West 72nd Street Subway. At the time, a store called West Coast Convenience had just opened at the site of the former Grandaisy Bakery at 176 West 72nd Street. The owners kept the original signage, which still hangs outside today. The owners of West Cure say the old Green Cleaners sign will be coming down soon.

On the other side of the subway station is Ignite Convenience, which opened at 214 West 72nd Street within the last year or so. It’s run by Ray Adams, who’s also the owner of West Coast Convenience and Lincoln Convenience at 2047 Broadway (between 70th and 71st streets).

ignite convenience

In August 2022, Lincoln Convenience was robbed twice over the course of three days. One instance involved four men barreling into the store and shooting a friend of the clerk in the foot. The group of suspects left with an undisclosed amount of cash and CBD products. One of the suspects was later charged with attempted murder over the incident.

Smoke shops have been frequent targets as of late. 96 Tabacco Shop at 2571 Broadway has already been robbed three times this year. Exotic Smoke Shop at 483 Columbus Ave. was robbed on the day of its grand opening last year and again a few months later.


Four storefronts away from Lincoln Convenience is CBD Kratom at 2039-B Broadway. Perhaps the most ‘above-board’ store in the bunch, CBD Kratom only sells CBD and kratom products for people and pets, with no THC products nor smoking paraphernalia.

According to a December 2022 study conducted by the office of Gale Brewer, there were 26 illegal weed retailers operating on the Upper West Side at the time.

Here’s an interesting timeline of Mayor Eric Adams’ shifting stance on New York City’s stickiest new industry.


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