Guest Post: UWS Residential Blocks Shouldn’t Be Turned Into Full-Time Commercial Loading Zones

The person who submitted this post has asked to remain anonymous. The content has been lightly edited for clarity.

It would be great if my local restaurant owner could utilize the space on West 83rd off Amsterdam for some additional outdoor dining to help his business. He can’t because the block’s parking zoning was change around 15 years ago to “No Standing Anytime” so that local Ladder 73 would always be able to drive through.

I used to park my car there so I remember when they rezoned it and I understood the reasoning. What I don’t understand is why the same “No Standing” regulations aren’t followed now.


For the last 6 months, Fresh Direct trucks have been pulling up daily at 7am and staying until 10pm (and sometimes midnight). They offload groceries non-stop, seven days a week. You’ll hear the hydraulics of the truck early Sunday morning as it starts the process of off-loading products. They take up a third of the block – parked in a “No Standing” zone – and they’re generally positioned squarely in front of the one fire hydrant on the block, creating yet another hazard for Ladder 73.

I understand these trucks need to have a place to park so that they can deliver to local residents, but it shouldn’t require turning residential blocks into full time commercial loading zones. Even industrial neighborhoods which are zoned for commercial vehicles to park LEGALLY don’t generally allow them to do so seven days a week from 7AM-Midnight.

Fresh Direct should locate and identify enough locations where they can facilitate their ability to deliver to customers without monopolizing any one block day after day and month after month. I’d have no issue with this one day a week, but seven days a week for months on end doesn’t seem right to me.


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