Now It’s Harriet’s Kitchen …

  Last modified on January 22nd, 2020

We’ve just learned that long-time burger joint, Harriet’s Kitchen, has shut its doors (thanks to Peter for the tip).  Peter went to get food at 6:30pm last night and noticed the lights were off, and there was no sign in the window. I also reached out to a mutual connection who has confirmed the very unfortunate news. And as a final confirmation, their Facebook page says they are “permanently closed” (and the number is out of service).

Known for serving “maybe, just maybe the best effin burger you will ever eat”, Harriet’s was a hole in the wall burger joint established in 1989.

Located at 502 Amsterdam Ave (between 84th and 85th Streets), the storefront had two small tables, but they were mainly a place to get take-out.

Online reviews have always been mixed, but Harriet’s Kitchen did a good job maintaining their cult following.

Harriet’s had a lot of health violations over the years, forcing temporary closures.

But sadly, this time it’s for good.

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