Helping Essential Workers Pay Subway Fares

About a week ago, an Upper West Sider named Chams came up with a new initiative to help essential workers pay for their subway and bus fares.

Chams works in advertising, and like many, has been working from home. Thinking of how he could help out our frontline and essential workers, he noticed a couple of MetroCards on top of his fridge, left by friends who had visited him in NYC. Seeing these cards made him realize that a lot of people probably have unused MetroCards.

Chams contacted his coworker Brian, who liked the idea of getting these cards to people who really need them. Brian designed a logo and built a website for FareShare NYC.

Since the website went live, Chams and Brian have been receiving unused MetroCards and have used their network of friends who work at essential businesses to distribute them.

In addition to unused MetroCard donations, FareShare NYC is also seeking financial contributions.

If you are willing and able to help, or if you are an essential worker who needs help paying for your bus or subway fare, please reach out to

Learn more about the program by visiting

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