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  Last modified on September 10th, 2022

Looking for music lessons on the Upper West Side? Hey Joe Guitar is an Upper West Side music school that comes directly to you. Instead of having to attend an academy, its students are able to receive private lessons in the convenience of their own home.  The lessons are taught by some of NYC’s best music teachers and there are classes available for every musical instrument imaginable, including guitar, piano, violin, bass, drums and voice. Learn about how Hey Joe Guitar helps students of all ages pursue their love for music by reading below.

The principal of the school, Joe Berger, opened Hey Joe Guitar in 2007. Mr. Berger is an experienced musician that has performed with a myriad of talented artists of the likes of Barry Manilow, Todd Rundgren, and Bette Midler. He ensures that each teacher hired is able to teach the correct technique necessary to play an instrument successfully. Mr. Berger only hires those teachers he feels would be apt to teach his own child. He specifically looks for instructors that will instill good habits right from the very beginning.

Music Lessons on the Upper West Side

The principal’s main role is to match every student with a teacher that fits his or her’s learning needs. The match is carefully reviewed so that each student receives the most optimal experience. The teachers selected by Mr. Berger know how to motivate and have an enthusiasm for music that’s downright infectious. They’re also rigorously vetted and must be cleared for a background check.

Each teacher has several years of experience working in the industry and many speak more than one language. They are graduates from some of the country’s top music schools. The Berklee College of Music, The Julliard School, Columbia University School of Music, and Manhattan School of Music are some of the colleges they’ve had the privilege to attend. Their number one priority is to make learning how to play an instrument a journey that’s both fun and rewarding.

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Their teachers are also trained to work with children who have been diagnosed with learning differences. Many of them have instructed music lessons to students that attend NYC specialized schools such as the Stephen Gaynor School and The Gateway School. The process of learning how to play an instrument can be therapeutic for children with learning differences. It can help them improve their focus, attention, and memory retention. The journey of music can also be beneficial for their emotional growth and self-esteem.

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Hey Joe Guitar runs a charity called MusiCan that helps raise money for children living in impoverished neighborhoods of New York. Proceeds from each lesson go towards raising funds for music programs in schools located in these underprivileged areas. Their mission calls for music classes to be available to all children in New York City public schools. Music helps children improve academics and self esteem. MusiCan is a non-profit organization that’s registered by NYC’s Department of Education. For more information on their charity and how to make a donation, please visit musicankids.org.

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The teachers at Hey Joe Guitar are happy to attend to the musical needs of Upper West Siders. The neighborhood has always had a close connection to music and the arts in general. In fact, many of the world’s famous artists have called the Upper West Side their home at one point or another. The charming brownstone-lined streets are the perfect inspiration for those residents who want to pursue their love for music. You’ll be able to enjoy the neighborhood’s cultural institutions as your passion for music continues to soar to new heights.

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Each monthly membership is a flat fee that includes one lesson per week. Membership is renewed on a monthly basis and any missed lessons can be rescheduled at a later date. The teachers and staff at Hey Joe Guitar acknowledge the busy lives their students lead.

If you know someone who’s musically inclined, you can gift them a special Hey Joe Guitar holiday or birthday gift card. Prospective students who are new to the world of music receive a complimentary consulting to help them find the right instrument. The gift cards can also be given to someone who wants to continue with their weekly classes. You can check out their official website at https://heyjoeguitar.com for more information on their gift cards.

Call their number at (646) 320-3131 to set up your first music lesson today. Hey Joe Guitar serves the Upper West Side as well as many other Manhattan neighborhoods including the Upper East Side, Midtown East and West, Gramercy, Battery Park City, West Village, East Village, and the Financial District.

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