Hippo Playground Spring Fair

  Last modified on November 28th, 2019

Get ready for the 36th annual Hippo Playground Spring Fair! It will be happening on Sunday, May 19th from 10am to 4pm at Hippo Playground in Riverside Park at 91st Street.

Activities will include:

  • pony rides!
  • bouncy houses!
  • a petting zoo!
  • obstacle courses!
  • games and prizes!
  • fooooood!
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Hippo Playground Spring Fair

More about the playground.

The first thing you’ll notice about The Hippo Playground are the hippos. Plus, there are plenty of slides, swings, and monkey bars! And they have plenty of events throughout the year, including the Hippo Playground Halloween Parade and a summer concert series for all ages.

A group of volunteers from the Upper West Side, known as The Hippo Playground Project, ensure that this Upper West Side playground continues to be a safe and attractive place for play.

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