History of Fordham University

  Last modified on September 10th, 2022


During the early 1900’s, Fordham University opened a Medical School and a Law School for those students who wanted to further their careers by pursuing a graduate degree. In the proceeding decades, seven more graduate schools in the sciences and arts would make their debut. Around the same time, the Graduate School of Business Administration and the College of Pharmacy opened their doors to new students.

The longest running President guided the administration through the Great Depression and the Second World War. Under his helm, Fordham University saw a period of prominent growth enhanced by the creation of the school’s radio station, the influx of post-war students, and an improvement in their academic reputation.

Coming to the Upper West Side

The Lincoln Center Campus of Fordham University was established during the 1960’s. The center occupies eight acres of land and stretches all the way from West 60th St. to West 62nd St. between Columbus Ave and Amsterdam Ave. The campus housed a new liberal arts college as well as the graduate schools of Education and Social Service. Residential dorms were built in order to allow students to live on-campus in the heart of the Upper West Side. This proved to be a big step forward for Fordham as they saw a record number of applications.

fordham university nyc campus

photo by Omnibus_WikiCommons

Over the past decades, thousands of immigrants and foreign students have graduated from Fordham University. The school’s community oriented spirit thrives on creating a diverse environment for its students. Individuals of any race, gender, culture, religion, sexual identity, and socioeconomic status are all welcome. Fordham also is taking action into creating sustainable practices that plan to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 30%.

Fordham University is currently celebrating its 175th anniversary. The university is continuing to expand and reach new goals. In 2014, a new residence hall and a law school building finished construction at the Lincoln Center campus. Some of Fordham’s most notable alumni include member of the U.S. House of Representatives Geraldine Ferraro, NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, and actors Denzel Washington and Taylor Schilling. More than 100 graduates of Fordham University are Fulbright Scholars.

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