Track Down Your Landlords & Hold Them Accountable! recently published an article about Who Owns What, an online tool under the umbrella of, a non-profit tenant advocacy start up using innovative, user friendly platforms to help hold NYC landlords accountable. WhoOwnsWhat scrapes data revealing the actual people behind properties, as well as lists of building violations and eviction histories.


While most tenants know who their landlords are, some have difficulty reaching them. Many building owners use LLC’s to conceal themselves, making it more difficult for tenants to track them down when issues arise.

Who Owns What is seeking to make the landlord contact process easier, and to help tenants organize with one another and with outside advocacy groups.

How the tool works:

Go to the website and enter the address. You’ll see the the name of the landlord, the other buildings they’re associated with, a list of violations, and a “ Take Action ” button. This will take you to a page where you can draft a letter to address the problems you’re dealing with.

The new tool has garnered the support of UWS councilwoman Helen Rosenthal.

Who Owns What is an extremely helpful new tool, particularly for tenants who do not have an attorney or other ways to track down vital information. With its user friendly format, WoW increases transparency and gives tenants a vital way to begin to address housing issues they may be facing,” Rosenthal told Curbed.

This tool also seems useful for incoming tenants who want to scope out a prospective landlord before moving into his or her building. has a suite of technology products which are making it easier for tenants to live in peace.

Here’s a video from their website:

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