How to Pick an After School Class

  Last modified on September 10th, 2022

The start of a new school year can be pretty nerve-wracking – new routines, new faces, and new friends. This is as true for moms as it is for children! Moms are always on the front line – trying to make sure all details are squared away and that their children have the best possible chance for success.

One of the most nerve-wracking activities a new school year brings about is selecting extra curricular activities.  As a former teacher, turned education technology manager, I frequently hear from moms who have a hard time striking a balance between their child’s interests, academic enrichment, and cost effectiveness. When I look at all the options on the market for extra curricular activities, I understand the concern. It seems you can’t read a blog or walk into a school without being pitched the latest course offering.

Taking all of this into account, my answer has consistently remained the same; rather than overload the calendar with a plethora activities meant to target all possible skills needed for the future, take the time to research and find a few really good programs that meet all the criteria you’re looking for.

Naturally, at this point in our conversation, I should segue to tell you about the amazing company I work with, Robofun. At Robofun, we strive to turn every child’s creative obsessions, Legos and video games, into fully structured engineering and design classes. We also have a fully developed and specialized curriculum to guide students’ STEM exploration, while allowing for creative freedom, and the development of problem solving skills.

How to Pick an After School Class

Given my background as a STEM educator and director of afterschool programming for a small charter network, I feel qualified to say Robofun offers one of the best children’s programs around. I could provide ample data to back my claim up, such as our position as the longest running Lego Robotics & Coding company for children or our recent exponential growth within independent and public after-school programs. However, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your child – their interests, and the path you want them to take in life.

I’ve had children who spend their entire summers at Robofun and cry when they have to leave. I’ve also seen children who attend an open house and would rather play with the stuffed animals they brought than code a video game. All children are unique, and so are their needs. I know the beginning of the year can be nerve-wracking and hectic – remember to take a breath, focus on your child’s interests and desires, then go out and find a few programs that are really great at meeting that criteria.

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