Hulking Goon Drags Bus Down 67th Street

A jacked up Santa Clause named Kevin Fast set a Guinness Word Record on Monday, September 20 for pulling a 33,400 pound electric-powered MTA bus almost sixteen feet using only his upper body.

Kevin Fast pulls bus

Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA via Flickr

The feat was broadcast on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” outside of the program’s Upper West Side studio.


Grunts from the 58-year-old Canadian strongman could be heard along with cheers from the sidewalk crowd. Once the bus passed the finish line, the giant performed a spectacular cartwheel and was deemed “officially amazing” by a Guinness judge.

Fast had set the previous record in September 2017 when he pulled a bus weighing 24,427 pounds.

“We are happy to partner with ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ and Kevin Fast by providing one of our all-electric buses for his successful record-breaking attempt,” said New York City Transit Interim President Craig Cipriano in a statement. “Our heartfelt congratulations go out to him on his daring achievement. This new world record shines a spotlight on our efforts to be the greenest and most environmentally-conscious transit system in the greatest city in the world.”

Fast, a native of Cobourg, Canada, has broken more than 30 world records including pulling a 208-ton airplane, a 63-ton truck and a 40-ton house.

He’s also broken the record for heaviest sleigh pulled, an accomplishment he achieved while dressed up as Santa Clause.

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