Ikinari Steak Will Close

Last July, an Ikinari Steak opened at 2233 Broadway (between 79th and 80th Streets, where BRGR was formerly located). Now, less than a year later, they are expected to close, according to a recent report by Eater.

The Japan based standing steak restaurant has more than 250 locations throughout Japan.

Currently there are 11 locations in NYC, and 9 are expected to close, according to the Eater article.


The concept behind Ikinari Steak is to serve “super thick” steaks quickly and economically. It’s a fun, interactive and communal experience for their patrons.

But I guess not fun enough to keep their UWS restaurant open.

The parent company has decided to only keep their East Village and Times Square locations open for business.

 We’ve recently seen quite a few restaurants close after very short runs: 

Zen Taco recently closed after about a year. The space they occupied, at 522 Columbus Ave, has now been taken over by a second Good Enough To Eat.

Big Bang Burger closed at the end of 2018, having just opened in late 2017.

Coffeeberry closed after just three years.

And the list goes on. But the list of historic restaurants to close is of course much longer, and sadder.

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