Imperial Court Hotel Owner Fined $290,000

The owner of the Imperial Court Hotel, at 307 West 79th Street, has been issued with fines amounting to $290,000, The Real Deal first reported.

The basis of these fines come from illegal short-term rentals, which a group of permanent tenants first sued the hotel owner for in 2016. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has been trying to get the hotel to stop offering short-term rentals since 2007, the publication states.

According to The Real Deal, the parties reached an agreement this week. All short-term rentals will be stopped, and the owner of the hotel, Michael Edelstein, will pay $290,000 in fines.

Linda Rosenthal said she would demand the city and state re-regulate the apartments so that they could be rented out to permanent tenants.


Featured images via Google Street View

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