In Your Face – New York

  Last modified on April 9th, 2019

This past week, In Your Face – New York arrived at the Kaufman Music Center, bringing life, sound and humor to the Upper West Side. Although on a Wednesday, the crowd packed the hall for the performance. The “talk show” meets political discussion was hosted by Ari Melber.

Melber, of MSNBC’s “The Beat”, spoke initially about himself – how he manages an ever-changing flow of news, and how he keeps it all straight. After a brief introduction, he began  his facilitation of a lively discussion with the guests of the evening. These included Ann Temkin, the curator of Painting and Sculpture at the MoMa, Tee Grizzley, a hip-hop artist, and others.


The night kicked off with a jazz opening led by Jay Leonhart and the 1-Train Band. Spirited and soulful, the band paved the way for the night to come. Host Ari Melber took the stage with much recognition and applause. He then brought up the first guest, Ann Temkin.

Temkin and Melber spoke candidly with one another about female artists at the MoMa. They discussed the current inequity between male artwork and female artwork on display. The conversation was thought provoking, and would have been enjoyed by artists and the non-creatives alike.

Jazz music played between acts. Tee Grizzley spoke next about his music, influences and style, and the challenges he faced growing up. The conversation provided a deeper look into the background of a familiar artist, and the reality behind Grizzley’s lyrics. The audience was captivated. Roger McNamee, author of Zucked, concluded the evening’s program, speaking on the issues surrounding data privacy and oversharing in the digital age.

In Your Face – New York captured the essence of what it means to be a New Yorker in an evening. Exploring politics, art, culture, and society, the program allowed audience members to learn, engage, and think in new ways, all in the spirit of  fun and entertaining evening. Providing a thought provoking panel, accompanied by music and festivities, it tied together many things that New Yorker’s hold near and dear to their hearts.

While all In Your Face – New York events are unique, all share the energy and liveliness, and exhibit a New York lifestyle. Artists, musicians, writers, and story-tellers take the stage to share their New York with the audience.

What does In Your Face have in store next? Find out for yourself on May 16th, when the program returns to the Kaufman Center again, to take on the Upper West Side. Tickets are available online, or can be purchased in person at the Merkin Center Box Office. It’s guaranteed to be smart, witty, and fun.

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Featured images courtesy of In Your Face – New York

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