Japanese Food Festival on the UWS

A Japanese Food Festival is coming to the Upper West Side! JAPANFes will be bringing the fun and spirit of Japan to us.  The organization is one of the few large-scale Japanese food events in New York. They hold food-based festivals approximately 18 times a year in several areas of the city. While the events are mainly in Union Square and Times Square, this year the Upper West Side is part of the schedule!

The organization aims to bring different people and cultures together. Through food, music, and art, they bring a taste of Japanese culture to NYC.


Previous events held by JAPANFes have included a ramen festival with various kinds of ramen, and an “Asia Bites” festival with Korean and Chinese cuisine.

At past events, cuisine has included Korean street food, Korean BBQ, ramen, and Indonesian desserts. Additionally, JAPANFes features Japanese crepes, Chinese noodles, and bubble tea.

Foodies loved the shaved ice by Bonsai Kakigori, and the popular Japanese souffle pancakes, popularized by Instagram.

Currently, their website lists lots of exciting vendors. For any foodie or fan of Japanese food, this festival is a must!

All different kinds of foods will be available, from rice burgers, to ice-cream-stuffed donuts, to Asian curries. The food ranges in price, but nothing costs more than $25 according to the JAPANFes site, so expect the festival to be affordable as well as fun. For the full list of vendors, check out their page here.

So far in 2019, JAPANFes has held ramen festivals in the East Village and in Astoria, as well as a Japanese food street fair in Midtown and in Chelsea.

On June 9th, JAPANFes comes to the Upper West Side!

They will be holding a “sweets festival” with over ten vendors of Japanese sweets, as well as other Japanese cuisine. The festival has no entrance fee, and will be held on Broadway, between 73rd and 74th street. You can RSVP on their facebook event, and can also check their page for more details. Vendors to be announced soon!

JAPANFes will also be returning to the Upper West Side for a ramen festival on October 5th. This event will be on Broadway, between 115th and 116th Streets.

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