Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra: Wynton Marsalis

  Last modified on November 29th, 2019

This May, Miles Davis and John Coltrane would both have turned 90 and Lincoln Center is celebrating these jazz legends with a series of stellar performances and events. Here are the most noteworthy concerts paying tribute to two artists that were ahead of their time and who brought jazz to the forefront.

“Miles Davis: The Sorcerer at 90”

Frederick P. Rose Hall: Rose Theater

May 12 – 14, 8pm

Jazz At Lincoln Center

The Frederick P. Rose Hall: Rose Theater is located right by Columbus Circle in a privilege spot that overlooks Central Park and provides stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. The theater showcases dance, theater, opera, film, and symphony concerts and is housed inside the Time Warner Center. The Jazz at Lincoln Center venue opened in 2004 as part of the institution and became the world’s first facility exclusively designed for jazz performances.

On three special nights, Wynton Marsalis (who you can also find at Smoke, another Upper West Side live music venue) and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra will team up and play iconic Miles Davis songs with brand new arrangements. The legacy Davis left behind is one of a talented artist that showed versatility, innovation, and who singlehandedly elevated the jazz genre to new heights. His timeless masterpieces evoke the sound of an era that was magical and groundbreaking. The Rose Theater is designed for NYC jazz fans and the clarity of the sound the audience can hear here make it an unforgettable experience.  Before the concert, there will be a free live discussion at 7pm. Drummer Ali Jackson and trumpeter Marcus Printup will co-music direct the performance along with Marsalis.

Jazz At Lincoln Center

Wynton Marsalis is a world-renowned trumpeter and composer who was born in New Orleans and started playing at the tender age of 12. Since then, he has gone on to record more than 60 jazz records and classical recordings and won nine Grammy awards. He’s also a teacher, an author of six books, and a respected spokesman for music education who was appointed Messenger of Peace by the United Nations. Marsalis is a living legend and watching him perform is a real treat. Don’t miss out the chance to catch him paying tribute to one of jazz’s greatest.

“The Iconic Miles Davis”

Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club

May 13, 7.30pm

Jazz At Lincoln Center

The same weekend, there’ll be an event happening at Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club dedicated to celebrating and exploring Miles Davis’s creativity as an artist. Up-and-coming jazz artist Keyon Harrold will lead the emotive tribute. Harrold is an acclaimed trumpeter and will explore the music of Miles Davis across different genres and sounds. Harrold recently made an appearance on the soundtrack for the upcoming Don Cheadle biopic Miles Ahead and he has been regarded as “the future of the trumpet” by Marsalis.

He’s worked with Jay-Z and Beyonce and shows quite the range playing anything from unadulterated bebop to electronically infused r&b and hip-hop. Quincy Trouple, who helmed Mr. Davis’ autobiography, will form part of the performance through spoken word. Dizzy’s Club is a warm and intimate small venue that counts a beautiful view of New York as a backdrop. Take your loved one along and watch exceptional artists honor together a one-of-a-kind legend.

Jazz At Lincoln Center

For more information: http://www.nyc.com/events/the_jazz_at_lincoln_center_orchestra_wynton_marsalis.1267158/

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