Justin Casquejo Gets Plea Deal For Scaling UWS Tower

  Last modified on May 19th, 2020

Justin Casquejo, the Youtube sensation and daredevil who got arrested last November for scaling one of the buildings at Waterline Square, plead guilty and is facing … seven days of community service (plus required therapy sessions). So the next building on his hit list may just be the Ansonia (ha-ha, because there are a lot of therapists there…).

Regardless of the light sentence, Casquejo won’t want to get caught again, as another arrest or a violation of his agreement will land him a six month jail sentence.

The building he scaled (this time) was Two Waterline Square, located on West 61st Street, and the summit took place in March of 2018. The building was under construction at the time, and had been built up to 17 stories (it’s now 38 stories tall). He made sure to broadcast the climb, as that’s his thing.

Casquejo has now been arrested six times, originally for scaling One World Trade Center when he was just 16.

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