Kathy Ruttenberg on Broadway: In Dreams Awake

  Last modified on June 1st, 2021

Everyone is loving Kathy Ruttenberg’s Broadway Mall installation, entitled “In Dreams Awake”. The project spans from 64th to 157th Streets and features some awesomely surreal sculptures, which will be on display through February of 2019.

Here are some cool shots from some local Instagrammers:

And two photos I took!

In Dreams Awake kathy ruttenberg

In Dreams Awake Broadway Mall

And two from Kathy Ruttenberg’s Instagram Page:In Dreams Awake Broadway Mall

In Dreams Awake Broadway Mall

“In Dreams Awake” is Kathy Ruttenberg’s first major outdoor art installation, and has been organized in cooperation with NYC Parks and the Broadway Mall Association.

From the artist’s website: “The six sculptures that comprise “in dreams awake” enable viewers a moment to escape from New York’s urban intensity with dreamlike fables derived from rural settings. Endorsing a positive approach to contemporary issues with visual narratives, the site-specific sculptures create a collection of stories with multi-layered meaning depending on the depth the viewer chooses to delve. The narrative of the magical woodland settings require some thought to unveil the mystery of each piece, like awakening and trying to recall a dream between states of sleep and wake.”



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