Last modified on December 7th, 2021

Krispy Kreme just announced that they will be opening six new NYC locations by the end of 2020 – including a location on the Upper West Side! They used to have a shop on 72nd between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

While we don’t yet know when it will open, the upcoming UWS Krispy Kreme will be located at 2563 Broadway, between 96th and 97th Streets.

Reports indicate that the other Krispy Kreme stores will be opening in the Financial District, the Bronx near Fordham University, Harlem, and Times Square (which will be the flagship location; a 4,500 square foot space with stadium seating, open 24/7).

Currently, Krispy Kreme has one location (in Penn Station). They closed the other five in 2009.


“If we’re going to be the most-loved sweet treat brand, then we have to be in places like New York,” Andrew Skehan, Krispy Kreme’s president of North America, told CNN Business.

Regardless of the shift in consumer behavior, the company is apparently doing well (hence this rapid growth).

But Skehan told CNN that while they plan on remaining true to their doughnut-centric menu, they’d be open to the idea of expanding into other foods if the demand were there.

A remodeled version of the Penn Station spot will re-open on Thursday, while the Times Square location is scheduled to open in May.

We will provide an update as soon as we have more info!


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