La Mirabelle Shuts Doors

Long-time French restaurant La Mirabelle, located at 102 West 86th Street, has announced its closure.

“For the last 37 years, La Mirabelle was a second home to many of us where we shared beautiful memories, delicious food, pastries and great wine,” read a June 21 post on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “We sang and lived La Vie en Rose all these years and for that we are truly grateful. We are incredibly humbled that you have shared many important family occasions and milestones with us. The life long memories created and the great times spent together will never be forgotten.”

The tone of the message shifts from bittersweet to hopeful, however, towards the end.

“Currently, we are looking for a new location and look forward to reopen in the near future. We will continue to update our social media page where you will be able to find the latest information.”

La Mirabelle has been closed since July 2020, when the owners announced they would be temporarily closing due to the pandemic.

Annick and Emmanuel LeDouaron opened the original La Mirabelle at 333 West 86th Street in 1984, where it remained for 14 years. In a 1985 review by the New York Times, author Bryan Miller wrote that “La Mirabelle, a little pearl of a French restaurant ensconced in a thread-worn aristocratic hotel residence on West 86th Street, is a far cry from the splashy pastel grilleries that are becoming ubiquitous on the Upper West Side. La Mirabelle is about as chic as a pair of brown brogues, and any inquiry about mesquite would probably yield the response ‘Eat lots of garlic and they won’t sting you.'”

The owners will provide an update if and when they secure a new location.

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