Laughter Therapy for Washington Buffoonery: “The Capitol Steps” Bring Satire and Song to Symphony Space

  Last modified on November 19th, 2021

The Capitol Steps were born in 1981, when a group of Senate staffers were tasked with planning the entertainment for a DC Christmas party and ended up creating their own song parodies and skits. Today, The Capitol Steps are a wildly popular comedy troupe performing all over the country. And on November 17th, they’ll be performing their new show titled “The Lyin’ Kings” at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space.

Capitol Steps Symphony Space

Photos credits to Violet Crown Photo Works

Here’s what you can expect at “The Lyin’ Kings” musical:

  • Songs about the latest Democratic primary candidate (“76 Unknowns”)
  • Songs about our orange-haired president’s twitter feed (“Tweet It”)
  • Vladimir Putin dancing shirtless (my personal favorite)
  • A possible appearance by Nancy Pelosi, William Barr or Kim Jong Un.
Kim Jong Un Capitol Steps

Photos credits to Violet Crown Photo Works

  • More songs performed by Trump such as “There is Nothing in Ukrainewith lyrics “I have made the country greater, there’s employment everywhere / There are jobs for more Hispanics, like the ones who mow my hair.

You can catch “The Lyin’ Kings” on November 17th at either the 4pm or 7pm at Symphony Space at 2537 Broadway (95th Street).

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