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  Last modified on August 1st, 2018
Upper West Side real estate lawyer Paul R. Kenney has many years of experience delivering gratifying results for his clients. His mission is to meet your legal objectives in a fast and efficient manner. His Upper West Side law office covers a wide variety of different legal issues. Some of these include real estate litigation, landlord / tenant disputes, foreclosure defense and corporate law.  Learn more about the services he offers by reading below.


upper west side real estate lawyer

Mr. Kenney started working as a solo practitioner right after graduating from law school. This provided him with the unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience early on in his career. While working as a practitioner, he quickly learned the ins and outs of many legal skills including real estate, corporate and commercial procedures, copyright issues, corporate partnership, and foreclosure defense.

Real Estate Litigation

If you’re looking to purchase a property, an attorney can help by reviewing the contract of sale. If you’re looking to sell a property, an attorney helps by drafting a contract of sale and acting as an escrow agent during the transaction. Attorneys with an expertise in real estate litigation can fix any titles issues that might come up during the sale process.

Jess says:

“Can’t say enough great things about Paul Kenney. He is extremely intelligent and knows the real estate market inside and out. He paid incredible attention during the contract phase which made the entire sales process simplistic as a buyer. Purchasing a co-op is very different than a home or condo. Paul knew all the right topics to address. As a first time home buyer, you have lots of questions. He was very responsive and on point with his facts and recommendations and made the whole process comfortable for me.”

Meaghand says:

“I was purchasing my first home and had no idea where to start. Paul streamlined the entire process for me, making each step seem incredibly logical and straightforward. I’d recommend Paul to anyone.”

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

The majority of New York City is apartment living, and as a result there are many legal issues landlords and tenants encounter every day.  This is why there is an entire body of law and a separate part of the New York City civil court devoted entirely to landlord / tenant issues and disputes. Paul Kenney Law will help you fight for your side when facing landlord and tenant disputes or breach of contract issues.

Krystian says:

“I retained Mr. Kenney in 2015 and again in 2016 for a Landlord/Tenant dispute. Since day 1, he was quick to respond to my emails, easy to reach by phone and was extremely knowledgeable in this field. He was able to resolve the disputes I had in my favor. He works hard for his clients to get them the outcomes they deserve. Mr. Kenney is also very upfront with you about your situation and tells you all the possible outcomes. I have worked with other attorneys in the past, and regret not hiring Mr. Kenney for my previous legal needs. Mr. Kenney isn’t just an attorney; he’s an experienced attorney who has a passion for what he does. He is also great in Real Estate Transactions and also Wills and Estates. We’re currently working with him again, and will be for years to come.”

Rolando says:

“My experience was nerve racking – I was evicted from my apartment after failing to honor a previous stipulation by housing court and was given a little over 3 weeks to come up the amount due. I would not have been given that opportunity had it not been for Paul R. Kenney. The landlord had already evicted me and had no reason to negotiate . In the end I got my apartment back and owe Paul R. Kenney all the thanks. He is good at what he does.”

Foreclosure Defense

It’s crucial to have an attorney fighting for your side when facing a foreclosure. The nature of these processes can create stressful situations that take a while to be resolved. Foreclosures on the Upper West Side are dealt with by the judicial system of the state of New York. If a lender has already started to take matters into his own hands, an attorney can help by providing excellent defense.

Jan says:

“Dear Mr. Kenney: I wanted to take a moment and thank you for al of your hard work on behalf of myself, my siblings, and Fotopoulos Property Management, LLC, in the matter of avoiding a forced foreclosure on the above property.”

Estates, Wills and Trusts

It is very important for every person over 18 years of age to have an estate plan in place. The three documents that are most significant are a Will, A Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy. If someone dies without a will, then you have no control over how your assets get distributed.  If you do not have a power of attorney or health care proxy in place, then things become very difficult for your family should something unexpected happen to you. Other important areas to address are Life Insurance, and Long Term Care Planning.The Law Office of Paul R. Kenney has expertise in all of these areas, from simple estates to complex estates.

Stephanie says:

“Fantastic! This past summer, I was looking around for a good estate lawyer to create a trust for my family. I called Paul’s office, and not only was he super responsive, but he offered me sound direction on how to proceed. Paul was very generous with his time and expertise, and helped me communicate my vision for the trust accurately. His work is timely and concise, and I will definitely hire him in the future.”

UWS F. says:

“Paul is a very friendly and knowledgeable attorney. We needed some estate/family legal work done and he was extremely helpful and prompt in completing everything. He was accessible by phone and email for any questions we had, met the deadline he promised and was reasonable in his fees. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone.”

Corporate Partnership

Are you looking to establish or be the founder of a corporation, a partnership or an LLC? If so, an attorney will help get your project off the ground. They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions while ensuring that your new creation is legally backed. Attorneys with experience in corporate partnership deal with the negotiation of important documents like shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements, and buy/sell agreements.

Jvisconto1 says:

“Thorough, Efficient & Fast

Mr. Kenney handled all the details of our development projects from corporate structure, land contracts, builder contracts and sales contracts.He advised us on the correct actions with our builder disputes. This advise helped us greatly in achieving our financial objectives. His client services is impeccable. He treated every issue with a sense of urgency. I look forward to the continued growth of our business with Mr. Kenney’s counsel. He is truly good at his job and I recommend him highly.”

Paul Kenney Law has an office located in the heart of the Upper West Side just steps away from Central Park. Their office hours run from 9am in the mornings until 5pm in the afternoons Mondays to Fridays. Their phone number is (212) 877-4039. Paul Kenney Law also practices in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx as well as in Long Island, Westchester and the state of New Jersey. Kenney Law will help solve your legal needs and meet your objectives with a clear but firm hand. Client satisfaction is their number one priority.


Law Office of Paul R. Kenney, LLC
155 West 72 Street – Suite 308
New York, NY 10023

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