Le Pain Quotidien’s Permament Closings Appear To Have No Connection To Coronavirus

We recently reported that twelve Le Pain Quotidien locations would be closing. One of those locations included 50 West 72nd Street.

There had been some confusion over why this location closed … and whether it was a temporary or permanent closing.


On Tuesday, March 17th, a sign in the window of 50 West 72nd Street made no mention of the coronavirus. It simply read,

It’s with a heavy heart …

after 20 wonderful years,

we will shutter our doors this evening

thank you for being the best part of who we are

stay safe

be there for one another

and please wash your hands

But the following day, a new sign appeared – attributing the closing to the virus, which would lead one to believe it was only temporary. But that does not appear to be the case.

Our tipster, ‘Upper West Sider’, also tells us that the location on 84th and Amsterdam is permanently closed.

And according to an article published on April 14th by the NY Post, LPQ had been planning a US consolidation well before the coronavirus crisis began.

While a notice on Le Pain Quotidien’s website reads that all US stores are just “temporarily closed”, sources told the NY Post that the restaurant chain hired a real estate consultant months before the pandemic began, as part of a reorganization plan within the US.

On March 23rd, LPQ fired all 2,000 of its US restaurant employees, in addition to most of its office workers. According to the Post, workers had been told just one week prior that they’d be paid for sick and vacation days, retaining health insurance benefits through April.

Employees also stated that the restaurant chain failed to protect them from the virus, not informing them about confirmed cases. And then cutting off their health benefits.

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