Le Petit Rooster Closes

Le Petit Rooster has closed their doors. They had just opened in June of 2019. The previous tenant at this space, located at 491 Columbus Avenue, between 83rd and 84th Streets, was food shop Gastronomie 491.

Le Petit Rooster was a modern French bistro which I liked a lot – here’s the article I wrote when they first opened.

Items I enjoyed included their outstanding bread and butter (seriously), Roclette & Ham Croquettes, Duck Magret and monkfish. I liked this place so much that I added them to our list of best Upper West Side restaurants.

Le Petit Rooster is yet another example of a place that got became really popular but still had to close within a very short time span.

We just announced the quick closing of Le Gourmand, which opened in September of 2019. Leonti also closed at the beginning of this year, making it just past the one year mark (though this one had reviews which were a bit more mixed). And as of now, the recently opened Gyu Kaku is still “closed until further notice“.


In brighter news, these places are coming to the UWS:

And more.


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