Lewis Miller Flower Flash on West End Ave

Florist Lewis Miller strikes again! A pay phone on the corner of 100th and West End was overflowing with flowers today. And Instagram took quick notice.

Instagrammer @cynstahgram was one of many to capture the installation:

Lewis Miller Flower Flash

A photo shoot took place in front of the phone-booth earlier (it seems like this installation was only going to stay for today).

Since 2016, Lewis Miller has been creating his “Flower Flashes” throughout NYC. Some Upper West Side locations have included the statue of bears in Central Park, Straus Park, the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial at the 72nd Street Riverside Park entrance, and a trash can on 73rd and West End.

Miller states his vision and purpose on his website:

What initially began as an LMD experiment to reinvigorate and reconnect us to our craft, turned into a beautiful shared experience in a city of millions. The Flower Flash is our gift to New Yorkers. We began in October 2016. Our goal is to create a positive, emotional response through flowers. Seeing people’s reactions to our Flower Flashes emphasizes the basic goodness in all people and prioritizes compassion and the need for LMD x NYC to carry on. Your city may be next!

Learn more about Lewis Miller Design:

Website  Facebook  Instagram


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