Lion’s Head Tavern Expands to Breakfast

Lion’s Head Tavern, located at 995 Amsterdam Avenue at 109th Street, has expanded to include a daily 9am-2pm popup breakfast with “fresh fried homemade donuts & breakfast classics.” They’ve launched an Instagram account, @socialdonuting, to showcase the new fare.

“Social Donuting is the breakfast and brunch brand of the Lion’s Head Tavern. We’ve expanded our hours of operation to the mornings help offset the disruption of our former business hours, to help insure work hours for our loyal staff, and to offer the neighborhood more fresh dining options 7 days a week,” a representative tells us.


The menu can be found here (and below):

social donuting

Here’s a look at the Nutella stuffed donut:

nutella stuffed donut

And a maple bacon glazed donut:

maple bacon glazed donut

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