Local Vet Accused of Violating Pregnant Employee’s Rights

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A local veterinary clinic that was once listed as “Best in New York” by New York Magazine has been accused of violating the Federal Pregnancy Disability Act by ignoring a pregnant employee’s repeated requests for basic accommodations and putting her in unsafe working conditions.


As first reported by the Patch, 28-year-old Shayba Douglas said in a suit against City Veterinary Care that she was fired abruptly via text message for “repeated tardiness” even though she had never been reprimanded for work-related issues before. The lawsuit also claims the tardiness in question came after Douglas returned home from a scheduled vacation, got sick for three days, and texted her manager about her situation. She did admit however, that she sometimes arrived late or needed extra rest breaks because of morning sickness.

Douglas also claims that she was forced to lift heavy boxes without assistance, that management ignored her request to avoid toxoplasmosis exposure by cleaning litter boxes, and that she was exposed to radiation during an x-ray without her permission.

Her suit against the veterinary practice at 220 West 72nd Street (between West End Avenue and Broadway) also claims that she was discriminated against because of “pregnancy and gender” for which she “seeks damages, back and front pay.”

The unnamed manager was included in the suit, but if her allegations are true, this would also implicate the owner of City Vet Care, Dr. Andrew Kaplan.

We reached out to Kaplan who replied with, “Thank you for the opportunity to comment. We deny all allegations in this complaint and intend to proceed accordingly.”

Despite repeated phone calls and voicemails, Douglas’ lawyers could not be reached.


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