New Bar on 84th Street will Play Old Records

A new spot called Long Play Record Bar will be opening at 200 West 84th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam. The upcoming spot will be a laid back cocktail lounge which will play old records!

As described on the upcoming bar’s Facebook page:

Long Play Record Bar is a cocktail lounge and vinyl record lover’s dream. Rather than the same old noisy neighborhood bars covered in TVs, Long Play will be an oasis; a perfect place to relax, listen to vinyl and rediscover the art of conversation.

They’ve also posted previews of their upcoming menu on their website. They tell us to expect a number of signature cocktails, a rotating list of premium sakes, wine and beer, and a number of appetizers and small plates.

I reached out to the owners who told me their liquor license application has been unanimously approved by Community Board 7. They hope to open Long Play Record Bar in the spring of 2020.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited! This place sounds awesome.

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