A Dog Beach for the Dog Days of Summer

  Last modified on July 30th, 2019

The dog days of summer are here, and believe me, your dog wants to hit this beach just as much as you do! Even if you don’t have your own dog to bring, Longport Dog Beach is the place to be the ultimate dog spotter.

Longport Dog Beach NJ

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We took the trip out to Longport Dog Beach in NJ this past weekend to celebrate Prince’s friend Charlie’s birthday.

It’s a little less that a 2.5 hour drive from the Upper West Side, but it’s well worth the trip (at least until Manhattan’s first public beach becomes a reality!).

Our crew of doodles were real show stoppers at Longport Dog Beach. Charlie’s owners, Chris and Mike are beach-goer pros. I’ll get into packing and preparation tips below, but first, let’s talk about this beach.

What makes this beach really special is it’s totally off leash.  Your dog can roam freely on the beach, in the water, and anywhere you trust them to go. Most of the dogs I saw were off leash, but there were a few that stayed on leash and sat with their owners.

Pack as if you were going to a remote beach, and then some. We were there with a group who supplied a big tent, plenty of towels, chairs, a cooler, food, etc… even a trash bag, which you will need because there are no trash receptacles on the beach.


Longport Dog Beach isn’t walking distance to any restaurants, so you will want to bring everything you need, unless you want to jump into your car and come back.

This beach is really heaven on earth for dog lovers. I’m not even a big beach fan, but this was by far the highlight of my summer. I highly recommend checking it out!

To learn more about Longport Dog Beach, check out their Facebook page.

And check out what Prince (below) likes to do when he’s on the Upper West Side!

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Sara Lewin Lebwohl

Sara Lewin Lebwohl

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