LOSE Fat While Feasting on Your Holiday Meals!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to enjoy your favorite meals and treats. But does the fear of packing on some extra pounds overshadow the excitement? There’s a solution – SlowBurn Personal Training at 169 West 78th Street.

SlowBurn UWS

The SlowBurn program consists of the Fast to Feast eating plan and two 30-minute strengthening sessions per week at their personal training studios. SlowBurn’s Fast to Feat eating program consists of a low-carb eating plan mixed with intermittent fasting. Hahn quickly points out that fasting isn’t starving. The two are completely different metabolic conditions.

Fasting to feast is priming the body for fat burning so you can enjoy holiday indulging – even the carbs!  SlowBurn Personal Training Studios teaches you how to properly fast so that you can feast!

To prepare for your Thanksgiving feast, you would avoid eating anything that has calories from your last meal of the day until the big meal begins the next day in other words, a 16-18 hour fast.

Example: You eat dinner the night before thanksgiving at 6PM. You don’t eat again until noon the next day. You can enjoy coffee black, tea no sugar or any other beverage that has no calories. This way your body is primed for partitioning the calories to building muscle, not storing fat.

Pairing the Fast to Feast with a SlowBurn workout will allow you to enjoy your feast without gaining fat. Guided by their certified instructors, you will build fat-burning metabolic muscle in just one or two 30-minute sessions a week, which is a fraction of the time you probably thought was required.

Fredrick Hahn, creator of the SlowBurn system money-back guarantees your results.

 In a nutshell, SlowBurn is a total body strengthening routine that incorporates the use of very slow, smooth movements, which help you build muscle safely. Just 30 minutes a week (1-2 sessions) of SlowBurn is scientifically proven to improve muscle, strength, flexibility and endurance, without any of the abrupt, harmful movements that many other workout routines include, and without the pounding of aerobics.

Here’s a demo of the workout Fredrick gave on NBC’s Today.

Fredrick Hahn, the creator of SlowBurn, has been an Upper West Sider for 34 years, and feels a deep connection to the Upper West Side.

“I have been a loyal Upper West Sider since 1986. The studio space where SlowBurn is located which was founded in 1998, happens to be where Sarabeth of Sarabeth’s Jams and restaurants started her empire. She saw me one day in the building and she said, ‘Good things happen here,’ and she was right!”

Hahn welcomes you to the studio and would love to show you what SlowBurn can do for you. The first session is complimentary!

“I developed SlowBurn in part at the Hospital for Joint Diseases Sports Medicine Center to make patients as strong as possible in the safest and most time-efficient manner possible. It is perfect for all ages, from kids to baby boomers. The method improves strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and bone density – and even de-ages you at the genetic level in just 30 minutes a week.”

BONUS! If you enjoy activities such as yoga, running or tossing your grandkids in the air, SlowBurn enhances your ability in any physical endeavor. You’ll improve your strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility and enjoy relief from neck and lower back pain. In just a few short weeks of SlowBurn, you’ll be able to accomplish easily what you once thought of as a challenge or impossible.

Hahn’s clients include busy CEOs, popular celebrities, and even lifestyle coaches including Tony Robbins!

Tony Robbins Testimonial

Award-winning CBS medical correspondent Dr. Max Gomez says:

“I can’t say enough about what Fred has done to help me regain my lost strength, health, fitness, and even a little youth. I have been telling everyone who´ll listen because it´s clearly the most effective and time–efficient way to exercise I have ever tried. You should try it too!”

Hahn and his team of SlowBurn instructors always have your specific goals in mind. The SlowBurn philosophy helps people optimize their health and fitness using a science-based approach to exercise and nutrition.

For more detailed information, check out his book The SlowBurn Fitness Revolution, co-authored by Michael and MaryDan Eades, M.D., New York Times best-selling authors. Hahn is also the author of Strong Kids Healthy Kids.

Slow Burn Fitness Book

Each SlowBurn training session is one-on-one with a certified exercise instructor. For more information about the SlowBurn method and for a complimentary initial session, please get in touch with the studio!

NYC Location:

169 West 78th Street
New York, NY 10024

NJ Location:

25 Watchung Plaza
Montclair, NJ 07042


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