Lost Ring FOUND By Our Reader!

Just two days ago, we reported that a 76 year old woman had lost her wedding ring during the 7pm “Clap Because We Care”. Well, one of our readers found the ring and has delivered it back to its owner!

In our original story, we mentioned that the woman’s ring had fallen out of her 13th story window on 87th and West End.

When our reader, Kathleen, made it to the block with her friend, Lynne, they realized that there was only one building tall enough to be the one in question.


So they looked through shrubs, under cars and in sidewalk cracks around the building.

During the search, the building doorman came outside to tell them that they had already looked everywhere and weren’t able to find it.

But Kathleen and Lynne kept looking.

Finally, Lynne found it sitting in a tree bed, on top of some bark. Luckily, the sun was out and shining on the ring, making it a bit easier to spot.

Lost Ring Found

Lynne found the ring!

So they brought the ring back to the doorman, who told them he would check to see if the woman with the missing ring was home.

She was!

She came downstairs and was over the moon to get her ring back.

The three of them spoke for about a half an hour, exchanged contact info, and everyone left happy.

We send a huge thank you to Kathleen and Lynn for conducting the search – and to everyone who looked for it!

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