Lucerne Plans to Reopen as Commercial Hotel this Fall: Report

Following the exit of its last remaining homeless residents last month, the Lucerne Hotel is expected to reopen to paying guests by October 1, Crain’s reports, noting that “minor renovations and updates” will be made.

The Lucerne’s website has a “reopening notice,” though as of writing, all it says is that they’re currently closed and look forward to being open again. “Please continue to check back for updates about our reopening date,” the page states, above an embedded contact form for future visitors.


The city put a recent pause on the relocation of homeless individuals from hotels to shelters, though this came after all temporary residents had already vacated the Lucerne. The pause was the result of a motion filed by the Legal Aid Society. The judge presiding over the case ruled that any homeless individual who is disabled must be properly assessed before being transferred back into a shelter, and that the “city must provide written notice to shelter residents at least a week before scheduled moves out of hotels.”

“Today’s decision affirms that the City rushed the moves of homeless New Yorkers from safe placements in hotels back to crowded shelters without meeting its obligations, endangering the lives of New York’s most vulnerable residents,” read a July 13 press release from The Legal Aid Society. “The City cannot phase out the hotel program without ensuring that it meets its obligations under Butler. We thank the court for recognizing that the City must meet this obligation as prescribed by law.”

The Department of Social Services has so far ended the shelter-designation of 23 of the 60 hotels which have served this function since the pandemic began, which Crain’s reported on July 15 includes the Belnord Hotel (209 West 87th Street) and the Hotel Belleclaire (2175 Broadway).

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