New Pizza Place on 80th & Amsterdam

  Last modified on October 8th, 2021

Made in New York Pizza has opened at 421 Amsterdam Ave. The previous occupant was Hamsa, a Mediterranean pop-up restaurant. Before Hamsa, it was Barley & Grain. I was particularly sad when Barley & Grain closed, as they had a great whiskey selection, nice beers and appetizers.


The new pizza place has counter service and a good number of tables (if you were ever in the space in the past).

They’ve got three reviews on Yelp so far, which are positive. In fact some of the reviewers have made some pretty bold claims!

One reviewer said Made In New York Pizza is the “best on the Upper West Side”, and one actually said “best in NYC”! Who knows if that’s true, but it should be enough to get your attention and convince you to drop in if you’re in the area.

Made in New York Pizza UWS

Reviewers mentioned their square pepperoni slices, the grandma pizza with fresh garlic, and the sausage slices. In addition, they’ve mentioned that the tomato sauce and crust is delicious and crispy.

The garlic knots are also getting some positive commentary.

That pepperoni slice photographed above looks pretty great.

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