Madonna Loses Court Case Against UWS Co-op

  Last modified on January 24th, 2022

After almost three years of battling with the co-op board of 1 West 64th Street, Madonna must accept defeat, Page Six has reported. The conflict all began because the celebrity wanted to let people, namely her children and staff, stay in her apartment while she was elsewhere.

Madonna’s primary residence is in a mansion on the Upper East Side. Between this and the fact that she’s Madonna, it’s easy to understand how she might not be at her Upper West Side apartment too often.

But the building, known as Harperley Hall, created a rule prohibiting this in 2014, requiring apartment owners to be present to accompany their guests.

Madonna challenged the rule in 2016 and filed a lawsuit. But as she apparently missed the deadline to challenge it, her case was swiftly dismissed by the judge.


After this loss, Madonna began requesting board documents from the co-op, with the hope of proving she wasn’t breaking any rules.

This past summer, the judge, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits, told her to stop harassing her neighbors with these frequent requests.

And on Wednesday, November 28th, Justice Lebovits stated that the board had already provided her with sufficient information, officially closing the case (until she re-opens it).

While I’m no fan of overbearing and intrusive co-ops, I’m glad the judge didn’t give her special treatment because of who she is.

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