Madonna Offers Harry + Meghan Her UWS Apartment

  Last modified on April 4th, 2020

Madonna doesn’t want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to move to Canada, and she’s offered the royal couple her UWS apartment to prove it.

“Don’t run off to Canada … it’s so boring there”, said the pop star, about an entire country, in an Instagram video she posted on February 4th.

Then she did a little sitting dance and continued to say “I’ll let them sublet my apartment on Central Park West.”

Madonna’s apartment is located at 41 Central Park West, at 64th Street, and is known as Harperley Hall.

But you might already know this. Either because you’re a knowledgeable Upper West Sider, or because you became familiar with the celeb’s legal battles with the co-op board, which she eventually lost in late 2018. This legal battle arose because Madonna wanted to let people (her children) stay in the apartment while she was gone.

So perhaps an official sublet is the way to go.

She went on to sell the “2 bedroom with the best view of Manhattan and an incredible balcony”, adding that “Buckingham Palace has nothing on CPW.”


Some of the Instagram comments I enjoyed the most:

  • “Is it necessary to insult Canadians? We do put a lot of money in your pockets. Think before you speck.”
  • “Don’t dis Canada. I love your music but your personality is questionable and I sometimes wonder if it’s just for attention”.
  • “You know your hip treatment would nearly be free in ?? jus sayin’…I mean not that you need the help but jus sayin’ ??”
  • “Everyone loves Madonna ?”
  • “you almost don’t even look like you anymore”

We’ve reached out to the prince and will let you know if they end up moving to the Upper West Side.

Featured images c/o Flickr user Tone’o.

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