Magnolia Bakery Will Use High Tech Products To Fight Coronavirus

  Last modified on August 28th, 2021

Magnolia Bakery will soon install two high tech products which are intended to keep their employees and customers safe, the New York Post reports. Both products come from a company called Healthe Lighting. The devices will be installed at their West Village location and their UWS storefront, located at 200 Columbus Ave (at 69th Street).

The first product is called a Cleanse Portal, which customers and staff will walk through to be sanitized. They will make a slow 360 degree turn for about twenty seconds, and according to the product page “the ‘Ultraviolet radiation band’ has been proven to penetrate and inactivate surface pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.” Here’s more information about the product.


The second product will be special ultraviolet lights, which will replace Magnolia Bakery’s recessed lighting. According to the Post, these lights will have a purple hue, making this whole thing feel even stranger.

Bobbie Lloyd, Magnolia Bakery’s chief baking officer, told the Post that the coronavirus pandemic has reduced their storefront business by about 25 percent, but that their online business is thriving. Lloyd is hoping the steps they are taking will help their physical locations catch up.

“People want to know that they can come in the door and have their child with them and not worry about who’s in front of me and who’s waiting on me,” she said.

The MTA just announced a pilot program using UV lights to disinfect NYC trains and buses, and if it is shown to be effective (and if Magnolia’s efforts pay off), I would expect to see other businesses follow suit and adapt similar technologies to create safer spaces for their customers and staff members.

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