Make it a Happy Thanksgiving for All

Every Thanksgiving, for the last 21 years, the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) asks our community to help provide healthy holiday meals to our friends and neighbors in need through the Turkey Challenge.

Last year, despite Covid, WSCAH was able to ensure 5,000 families had a delicious, holiday meal. Amid so much tragedy, this was a bright spot.

WSCAH is a staple of the community, headquartered on the Upper West Side at 263 West 86th Street. It is also responsive to the needs of the entire city and has been expanding into new neighborhoods, making healthy food more accessible to all New Yorkers. 

The numbers from last year demonstrate the tremendous need in our city and WSCAH’s ability to meet that need by serving:

  • 77,000 hungry New Yorkers and  
  • 4.3 million pounds of healthy food

This year, those numbers are expected only to go up which is why WSCAH needs this community’s support, especially during the holidays. 

$27 buys one family a healthy Thanksgiving meal. 

“I think everyone should be able to have a great meal on the table,” says Chef Greg Silverman, WSCAH’s CEO. “It’s that simple. But there’s a lot of barriers to get over and one of them is access. This is why WSCAH is starting to spend more time and energy bringing food to our customers, instead of them coming to us. And so this November, we’ll be working across the city to make sure families have access to turkeys and all the fixins for the holidays!.”

Support WSCAH’s Turkey Challenge here:

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