Man Drops Bottles of Urine From Apartment Window; Woman Almost Struck in Head

Whether you’re an unruly youngster or intoxicated adult, it’s never okay to throw things out of your window. And it’s even less okay if the thing you’re tossing has bodily fluids in it.

“Today, walking on the west side of Broadway between 98th-99th streets, two urine filled plastic bottles came crashing down, missing me by inches,” an ILTUWS reader recently told us by email. “It came from 244 West 99th Street in front of Health Nuts and the flower vendor says it happens all the time. I called the police who came to my apartment & they listened patiently but since I didn’t know the apartment # there was nothing they could do. They said they’re going to go talk to someone but an inch more and I’d be in the hospital.”


We contacted Health Nuts (which has an entrance address of 2611 Broadway but is part of the same building) and spoke to the store manager, Nima, hoping we could help uncover the number one offender.

He confirmed that his outdoor flower vendor, Manuel, had seen the urine-filled bottles drop multiple times.

We went to the store to chat with Manuel, who pointed to a window two floors above the store with several plastic bottles on its ledge. Then he pointed out a bottle inside a bush in front of the store with liquid still in it.

pee bottles

bottle of urine upper west side

We went into the store and spoke to Nima further. He had apparently contacted the building super, Carlos, about the situation. He pointed us to his office just around the corner and we walked in.

We greeted Carlos and spoke to him about the situation. He said the person of interest was either in apartment # 327 or 326, and that one of the bottles had almost struck an elderly woman. (We’re not sure if he was referring to a separate incident or if he was describing the same person who had contacted us).


Carlos invited us to investigate with him.

We went to apt # 327 and knocked on the door. The resident said it wasn’t him. Also, he had an air conditioner in his window, and couldn’t actually open it. He was clear.

Then, Carlos knocked on apt # 326 several times. No one answered.

He didn’t have the key, so he called building management and someone brought one to him.

Carlos opened the door a crack, announced himself as the super, and a few minutes later, a man who appeared to be in his mid-20s to early 30s gave himself up.

He admitted he was the pee-bottle-dropper, but that “he wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.”

Carlos told him he needed to stop this behavior, and the man opened his window and began pulling the existing bottles off the ledge.

The super told us he’d be writing a letter to building management about the man in apartment # 326, and Nima from Health Nuts was very happy the problem was resolved. Let’s hope it was.

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