Max Weinberg to Appear at Barnes & Noble

Max Weinberg, the drummer for the E Street Band (and if you’re from my generation, the drummer for the Max Weinberg 7 on Conan) will be appearing at the Barnes & Noble on 82nd and Broadway.

He’ll be speaking with Brian Hiatt, a Rolling Stone writer and the author of a new book entitled “Bruce Springsteen: The Stories Behind The Songs”.

And that’s cool. But as a 90s boy, seeing Conan’s creepy sidekick in person is way more interesting to me. Sorry boss-man.

The event will take place on Thursday May 30th at 7pm.

Priority seating will be given to those who purchase Hiatt’s book, which will be available at the registers on the day of the event.

Doors will open at 5pm.

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Featured images courtesy of Craig O’Neal

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