Meditation is not just for monks

  Last modified on August 6th, 2018
The Meditation Studio is a beautiful, serene space—picture a sea of white in all directions—where owner and instructor, Kelli Douglas leads The Meditation Class, a 4-day course on Vedic Meditation. This simple practice involves sitting comfortably with your eyes closed for just 20 minutes, twice a day. There’s no effort, concentration, or focus.
Meditation is not just for monks
Long before she opened up The Meditation Studio in the heart of her beloved Upper West Side neighborhood, Kelli Douglas was a single mother and real estate broker with 12 years of experience under her belt. When she discovered Vedic meditation, it was so effective and transformative, she dedicated her life to learning the practice and sharing it with others. Kelli trained rigorously for years under some of the world’s best and just opened her new meditation space at 246 West 8oth Street (studio 14)—right across from Zabars!
Meditation is not just for monks
Despite being one of the oldest forms, Vedic meditation is meant for modern living. So, if you’re wondering how far on the “monk spectrum” you have to go to reap these rewards, have no fear. Practicing Vedic doesn’t mean swearing off your smartphone, wearing priestly robes, or taking on a new name. Not even close.
But, while its technique is practically effortless, its effects are significant, undeniable, and immediate.
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep and more energy
  • Increased productivity
  • Sharper senses of focus
  • Improved immune system
  • Feel happier
The first step to taking The Meditation Class 4-day course is to attend a FREE INTRO TALK where you can find out everything you need to know and get all your questions answered about meditation.
Kelli prides herself on being an instructor with an exceptional level of devotion to her students. As a lover of the neighborhood who’s lived a block away from the studio for six years, she’s thrilled to be bringing such a powerful transformative tool to her Upper West Side neighbors.
When she’s not teaching, you can find Kelli hanging on the Upper West Side with her adorable 6-year-old son, who attends kindergarten in the neighborhood. They love biking together along the Hudson river Greenway, exploring Central Park, and visiting the Museum of Natural History.
Kelli invites you to find out more about Vedic Meditation at her next FREE INTRO TALK.
Visit now to register.
Meditation is not just for monks
Learning to meditate from Kelli has profoundly changed my life. Her meditation space is stunning and tranquil. Can’t wait to spend more time there. – Maura H.
I am so happy I found Kelli Douglas, she has changed my life and added a new dimension to the life I have. Her expertise and knowledge has made it easy for me to learn and practice meditation. In this day and age we all need meditation and Kelli to show us the way. – Marguerite D
I learned meditation from kelli about 18 months ago and it was transformative for my life to say the least. Her new space is gorgeous and full of natural light.. definitely a fantastic meditation teacher and a wonderful space to learn and do group meditations in. Highly recommend it!  – Ian L.

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