Megyn Kelly Spotted At Upper West Side Building

Megyn Kelly was spotted outside her Upper West Side apartment building on October 31st, Page Six first reported. Despite the recent controversy over on-air comments (which arose during a discussion about Halloween costumes), the famous New Yorker seemed to be in good spirits, sporting a wide smile and holding a nice box of donuts which she offered to the press.


But I guess she wasn’t in that good of a mood, as she declined to comment about her former show.

The press respected Kelly’s wishes to avoid photographing her three children, whom she was getting ready for school. They did however get a menacing image of her husband, novelist Douglas Brunt, glaring down at them through their apartment window.

This was apparently the first time Kelly has been seen (or heard from) in a week.

And if you missed the original remarks which caused Kelly’s firing, here’s a short clip:

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