Mighty Bowl Closes After Less Than a Year

Mighty Bowl opened in November 2019 at 321 Amsterdam Avenue, between 75th and 76th Streets, and has already been forced to close this location.

A representative from the NYC chain serving Asian-inspired bowls told us it was a tough decision to close, but the pandemic forced them to. With almost 90% of restaurant owners unable to pay their rent in August, this is unfortunately not a surprise.

Mighty Bowl’s 2019 opening was eagerly anticipated after several delays, which are normal in the restaurant industry.

While closings don’t appear to be slowing down, year-round outdoor dining was recently approved, which will hopefully help many restaurant owners stay in business and even encourage new ones to open.

In addition, restaurants will soon be able to add a 10% surcharge to customers bills in order to further aid in their recovery, but this bill has received as much criticism as it has praise, with some arguing this surcharge will discourage people from dining out and from properly tipping their waitstaff.


Mighty Bowl has other retail locations at the following addresses:

120 Macdougal Street
(212) 777-5750
Temporary Hours:
Monday – Friday, 12pm – 8pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

817 Second Avenue (between 43rd and 44th St)
(646) 649-5603
Temporary Hours:
Monday – Friday, 12pm – 7:30pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

1109 Lexington Avenue  (between 77th and 78th St)
(646) 692-9065
Temporary Hours:
Monday – Sunday 11am – 8pm

Learn more about the chain at www.eatmightybowl.com.

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