Mighty Catch, Cajun Seafood Spot, Will Open

Mighty Catch, a Cajun seafood restaurant, will be opening at 940 Columbus Avenue, at the corner of 106th Street.

The expanding chain has locations in Oceanside, NY, and Philadelphia – and has plans to open in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and New Jersey.

The menu includes fried catfish, shrimp and oyster baskets which comes with fries, po’ boys, crab cakes, lobster mac ‘n cheese, lobster bisque and gumbo, and lots of boiled seafood options (crab, lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams). Prices vary quite a bit, but they’ve got some pretty affordable options listed.

They’ve also got a bunch of cocktails, beers and wine.

The cocktail list includes a lemon gin mojito, mango martini, and a “pineapple rum passion”, among a few others. Cocktails are priced from $10 to $12. Not bad!


Most of their beers are pretty basic, but they do list a Fat Tire and a Ballast Point IPA (for $6 and $7, respectively).

And in terms of wine, I’m seeing 3 reds and 5 whites.

We’ll update this post once we have more info.

To see the full menu, here’s their website. And for some visuals, here’s their Instagram page.

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