Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness Brings the Gym to the Comfort of your Home

  Last modified on August 7th, 2018

Mind Over Matter is NYC’s premier in-home fitness program and the only one of its kind to provide clients with trained experts that offer quality personalized attention and guided support right from the very first Upper West Side fitness class. The trainers will help you reach your goals along every step of the way while adjusting to your individual needs. They are currently offering a special where you’ll be able to enjoy 2 sessions for the price of 1. Read below to find out more information!

Upper West Side Fitness

Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness was founded in 2004 by Joshua Margolis with the intention of providing busy New Yorkers with an accessible and personalized fitness experience. He and his team of fitness professionals offer programs specialized in Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Corporate Fitness, as well as Private Boot Camp classes on the Upper West Side and other neighborhoods throughout the city. Each trainer is certified and prepared to meet their client’s individual needs. Mind Over Matter also focuses on Pre-Natal and Postpartum fitness and they offer in-home sessions that adjust to the client’s busy schedule. New Yorkers carry a demanding pace of life and the trainers at Mind Over Matter take that into consideration when planning the sessions.

The in-home training aspect of Mind Over Matter has lots of added benefits such as guaranteed convenience and peace of mind knowing you’re in your comfortable home space. They’re the perfect option for those who wish to ditch their pricy membership card and forget about waiting in line at the gym. There are appropriate trainers for every skill level and they will help you accomplish your goals. Before you know it, you’ll be looking your best and enjoying a newfound level of confidence.

Upper West Side Fitness

Mind Over Matter has been featured on several news media outlets like NBC and founder Joshua Margolis can be seen as a regular contributor on WNBC-TV’s “Sunday Morning News” health and fitness segment. Margolis graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Psychology and has received fitness certifications from A.C.E. and N.A.S.M. He’s got more than 10 years of experience under his belt and has successfully developed various fitness programs for individuals in every skill level. Mind Over Matter also specializes in Corporate Fitness and hosts workshops and classes to businesses that want to improve the lives of their employees through exercise. Not only can keeping a physically active lifestyle boost a person’s energy levels but it can also enhance their creativity.

They also offer stroller bootcamp classes for those moms who want to get a work out in without leaving their child at a daycare. Each stroller bootcamp class takes place in a park and lasts for one hour as moms get moving outdoors with the help of their babies. There are also fitness bootcamps available that meet in Central Park once a week over the course of one month and a half. The class sizes are always small which helps create an intimate space that dedicates more quality training time per student. If you’re scrambling to find time for a work out, a recent addition to their program called Skypercise could be helpful since it enables the client to work out virtually by using Skype.

Upper West Side Fitness

Take care of yourself and set up your first session with one of the skilled trainers at Mind Over Matter. In a matter of weeks, you’ll see noticeable improvements on and off the scale with a reduction in body fat and an increase in muscle strength. They’ll help you remain focused on the objective you’ve set for yourself and will make you look forward to each and every work out through their engaging and fun approach to exercising. After a couple of sessions, you’ll also be more likely to work out on your own!
Make your fitness dreams come true at Mind Over Matter this summer and take advantage of the special discount they’re offering right now. For the price of 1 session, you’ll be able to enjoy 2 separate in-home sessions and start working towards meeting your goals! You can also try exercising with a friend in a Partner Session for a sweet 50% off deal! Find more information on Mind Over Matter’s official website by clicking on the link below. Don’t forget to share the news of the special discount with others!

Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness

126 West 96th St, New York, NY 10025


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