Modern Day OptX: The Premiere Eyewear Retailer of the UWS

Finding a suitable optician who goes above and beyond is crucial, but Upper West Siders are in luck, as Modern Day OptX – which just opened in November and already boasts an impressive 5-star rating on Google – takes the guesswork out of the equation to deliver a streamlined, tech-forward experience focused on precision and luxury. This formula has consistently exceeded their client’s expectations.

Located at 463 Amsterdam Avenue (at West 82nd Street), Modern Day OptX has elevated eyecare thanks to innovative technology, unique designer brands and unparalleled service. Following your comprehensive eye exam (more on that later), the fun truly begins. Effortlessly melding fashion and function, each patient receives A-list treatment as they select new frames. Though there are plenty of options to rave about, Modern Day OptX has developed a partnership with Lindberg, the storied Danish design brand known for a “level of ingenuity on the verge of the impossible.” Founded on iconic architect Henrik Lindberg’s principles alongside his father, optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg, the ultra-luxe label is hard to come by — hence why its availability at Modern Day OptX is truly noteworthy.

The store offers every frame style and type, along with the option to pick up existing pairs in-store or customize specifically for the client — down to the possibility of engraving their name on the frames. Made with the sleek, sustainable minimalist in mind, Lindberg’s sophisticated pieces are modern and elegant. Any fashionista is bound to be captivated by the customizable creations, and for a limited time, customers who purchase two consecutive pairs will receive a 50% discount on one pair of lenses (the offer is valid for all frame and lens manufacturers). Given the massive selection, this is surely a wise investment for shoppers in the market for multiple pairs and choices.

To suit varying needs, Modern Day OptX boasts a lineup of other revolutionary lens brands, focused on ZeissShamir and Varilux, known for powerful progressive lenses typically designed for people over 40. Other unique boutique brands include Matsuda, Gotti, Dita, Kirk & Kirk, Ic Berlin, Sabin Be and beyond. See? We told you — unparalleled.

Now that fashion is out of the way, it’s time to touch on the functional aspects here. In order to provide patients with the most precise measurements possible, Modern Day OptX utilizes a state-of-the-art mechanism called the Zeiss Visufit 1000 Platform, which gathers data so that lenses can be crafted according to each customer’s visual age, prescription and preferred fit. Simply put, Visufit is a visionary platform with unbeatable accuracy (which also comes with a body posture correction assistant among a slew of other handy features). Please also note that this technology is not limited to Zeiss brand lenses: it works with all the brands offered at Modern Day OptX.

Creating a virtual avatar in approximately 45 seconds, patients can actually see how each frame will look on their faces. Digitalizing this entire process has revolutionized the industry, and Modern Day OptX is on the cutting edge.

At many optical stores, a manual pupil-marking measurement method is employed, which leaves much to be desired. The Zeiss Visufit enhances eyecare by delivering precise consistency, measuring oft-neglected factors like vertex distance, tilt and wrap, which are critical for progressive lenses and equally important for single vision lenses as well. This information allows the lenses to be crafted with a compensated prescription to the most precise way each patient wears their specific frame of choice, and ultimately achieves the best visual performance.

Customers are raving about their interactions with trusted team members, the phenomenal final product, special services like lens replacement (no need to buy a whole new pair of glasses!) and more — proving that Modern Day OptX is an unmatched establishment filling a vital void on the Upper West Side.

No stone is left unturned at Modern Day OptX, which has another location on the Upper West Side at 575 Columbus Avenue. For more information on Modern Day OptX, visit their website and stop in for a cup of coffee or a decadent chocolate treat. A new era in eyecare has begun: prepare to see clearer and feel better.

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