More Cute Dogs

  Last modified on August 1st, 2018

More cute dogs! Check out these Upper West Siders and their award-winning cuteness!


Otis is a 3 year old pug living on 77th street with his humans. He loves his daily trips to both dog parks nearby and if you stop him when you see him you are guaranteed a few free kisses.

More Cute Dogs



Meet Landyn! She is an 8 month old cockapoo who loves going on Upper West Side adventures. Her favorite game is fetch with her bright green ball, favorite food is Trader Joe’s cheese doodles and favorite friends are Will and Crosby (also UWS pups).  Landyn will stop anyone on the street to say hi and get a belly rub! Look out for her on the UWS at Central Park, 79th street or Bull Moose Dog Run. Also, check Landyn out on Instagram: landynthepoo.

More Cute Dogs



Sasha is a terrier mix and a rescue dog. She’s on the right. Her friend Maddie is on the left.

More Cute Dogs

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