Morningside Lights Festival

Beginning on September 4th, The Miller Theatre at Columbia University will open its doors to the public for a free week of lantern-building workshops at the Morningside Lights Festival! The lanterns created during the workshops will join together for a magical illuminated procession through Morningside Park on September 8th!

Since the Audubon Society has recognized 2018 as the Year of the Bird, the Morningside Lights festival will be joining with them for a special ceremony.

On September 8th, a flock of animated and illuminated birds will fill the night sky. During the Morningside Lights Festival, the event organizers say that the birds will “evoke the power and the precariousness of migration on a changing planet. Flight honors the resilience and hope of populations on the move—avian and human—and celebrates the vitality and diversity that migrations have always brought to New York”.

Artists Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles of Processional Arts Workshop (PAW) will be returning to Columbia University’s campus to lead free public lantern-building sessions, as they once again gather to illuminate the nightscape of Morningside Park.

Kahn and Michahelles will “facilitate the production of the fleet of dozens of illuminated objects by teaching participants the artistic techniques needed to bring their ideas to life”. At the workshops, lantern building is meant to be a collaborative process — and the collaboration is part of the fun! You may start a lantern for someone else to finish, or pick up where someone else left off!

Morningside Lights is co-produced with the Arts Initiative at Columbia University. The public can learn more and register for workshops on their website here.

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