Movie Starring Nicole Kidman, Antonio Banderas Filming on UWS

Nicole Kidman c/o Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons; Antonio Banderas c/o Rincón Friki via Wikimedia Commons

An upcoming “erotic thriller” is filming on the Upper West Side this week.


According to @OLV, scenes for Babygirl will be shot on 71st and Broadway on both Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 6 a.m. each day. The X (Twitter) account also states that the movie will be filming on 51st and Madison Avenue.

Written and directed by Halina Reijn, a Dutch actress and director best known best for Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022), Babygirl will star Nicole Kidman, Antonio Banderas, Harris Dickinson, Jean Reno and Sophie Wilde.

“Despite the risk and prejudices, a very successful CEO [Kidman, 56] begins an illicit affair with her much younger intern [Dickinson, 27],” per IMDB.

Banderas will play Kidman’s husband, Wilde will portray her assistant, and Reno will be a “rival business executive,” according to Hollywood Reporter.

The cast and crew were spotted filming in NYC late last year.

On Feb. 4, another filming (for a project named “Biscuit”) will take place on 77th and Central Park West. We’ll provide an update if we figure out what this is!


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