MTA Memorabilia Sale

  Last modified on March 5th, 2018

This holiday season, you can help the MTA do a better job by giving them large sums of money for useless items they’ve removed from bus and subway stations.

If you want to constantly feel like you’re on an overcrowded subway or a bus so slow it’s broken records, these items might be of interest.

Two of their most exciting offerings include:

A big old garbage can, for only $300 (not including shipping, obviously, plus a $50 processing fee and garbage-can insurance). The MTA’s product description reads:

“Authentic, unique, and probably one of the most useful items in every home, work or office now can be yours. Hurry and grab this rare item which is available in ┬álimited quantity.”

That’s true, MTA. Garbage cans are useful.

MTA Memorabilia Sale

A dirty wooden subway bench for $650. Sometimes clean enough to sit on after an exhausting day. Always a great alternative to a comfortable couch.

MTA Memorabilia Sale

There’s more. Check out the MTA’s memorabilia & collectibles page for non-stop holiday cheer.

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